How To Prevent A Root Canal

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Everyone (including myself) always wants to avoid a root canal treatment.
So, the question here is can you prevent a root canal treatment??
If Yes, then how??

To know how to prevent a root canal, first, we should know when and in what circumstances we need a root canal procedure to be done.

When do I need a Root Canal?

There are a few cases when you would need to undergo a root canal procedure (treatment).

  1. You have a deep cavity that is causing pain in your tooth.
  2. You have a dental abscess (pus)
  3. Your teeth are severely attritted and you might have pain
  4. You had a dental trauma leading to fracture or luxation of teeth
  5. Discolored tooth

What should I do to prevent a Root Canal?

There are a few things you can do to prevent a root canal treatment:

1. Brushing

You can not escape from brushing your teeth. Brush your teeth twice daily to prevent the plaque (debris) from depositing on the surface of your teeth. The plaque attracts bacteria which are responsible for the cavities. If the cavity becomes deep, and reaches the middle of your tooth (pulp), you will have to go for a root canal treatment.

2. Flossing

Brushing alone does not help. The surface of the teeth that are in between the two teeth can not be cleaned by a toothbrush alone. You need to floss in between your teeth to prevent any decay there. The cavities between the teeth are mostly found on a dental examination or when you start having sensitivity or pain. Once you have pain, chances are you will have to get a root canal done.

3. Drink plenty of water

Drinking water is not only good for your body but also for your teeth. The water will prevent dryness, produce more saliva and prevent harmful bacteria from sticking to the surface of your teeth and causing cavities.

4. Rinsing after every meal

Rinsing after every meal is a must. This will help in removing any food that might be deposited on the surface of your tooth and keep the surface clean.

5. Healthy diet

Avoiding junk and sticky food is very helpful in preventing cavities. e.g. the biscuit, cookie or packet of chips you just had would be sticking to the surface of the tooth. This food, if stays there for a long time will attract bacteria, acid will be released and you will start having cavities if the process continues.

6. Dental visit

In the same way, an annual health check-up is mandatory, the same goes for a dental visit. Once in 6 months, you should visit your dentist. If you have a small cavity, your dentist will let you know and do a filling, which will prevent the root canal treatment. Do not wait for the pain to start, get the filling done.

We, dentists, have been stressing about good oral hygiene for years now. And to prevent most dental problems maintaining good oral hygiene is the key.

Who is a Root Canal Dentist (Endodontist)?

An Endodontist is a dentist who had done a degree (MDS) of 3 years in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics. They are specialized to do Root canals and are experts in it. So, in case you need to get a root canal done, visit an endodontist (your root canal dentist) for the same.

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