Best Teethers in India

10 Best Teethers Available In India!!

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As your little bundle of joy is finally going to get those pretty pearls in that tiny little mouth, lets explore some best teethers available in India so that he or she can be a little more comfortable while achieving this milestone. You can find the home remedies for your teething baby in our previous […]

When to start using toothpaste for kids?

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Every parent wants his or her child to have a beautiful and a healthy smile. ECC (Early childhood caries) is one of the most prevalent chronic childhood disease that is preventable. It not just causes aesthetic difficulties for the child but also causes pain and discomfort which prevents the child from eating food properly. It […]

Toothbrush Care Manual!!

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Toothbrush, a necessity we can say, is one of the most neglected personal item, which is responsible for a lot of health issues for your body. Which color toothbrush should I buy?? Which brand should I be looking for?? Should I buy the expensive funky one or a normal inexpensive toothbrush which just meets my […]